Pauline Paull: Bankstown Musical Society

pauline2If ever someone has the right to this award it is Pauline. She came from Wollongong to begin her teaching career in Bankstown in 1950. During that year the Bankstown Repertory Company decided to become a Theatrical Society and perform musicals as well as plays.

Pauline attended the first meeting and at that very same night she saw in her words a gorgeous bloke across a crowded room and asked her friend who he was. Her friend said that is Reg Paull but don't bother about him he's a bit stand offish. Three years later they married.

Pauline did quite a few shows in the fifties - but took time off until she was enticed back in 1975 to make costumes for My Fair Lady. Since then she has made costumes for nearly every production - being single handedly responsible for keeping the society afloat by hiring out to other groups. Bankstown now has one of the largest wardrobes in NSW.

paulineaward03Pauline has played numerous roles in our productions and has been a member of our committee for at least 20 years.

When I first met her I was petrified of her - she tells me she was petrified of me - but what a wrong impression. She is one of the softest most generous people that one could ever hope to meet.

Her line whenever you ask her "How are the costumes going" is "We'll get there" and they always do and I hope she continues to be part of our group for a very long time because Bankstown Theatrical Society wouldn't be the same without her.

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