Martin Mitchell - Waverley Lugar Brae Players & ACT Inc

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Martin Mitchell

Martin was nominated by the Waverley Lugar Brae Players  ( Sydney ) and founding executive of The Association of Community Theatre.

Martin commenced with the Sydney eastern suburbs musical society in 1959 when he played the Foreman of the Jury in a production of Trial by Jury. In 1977 when he returned to Sydney he stepped up to be the Waverley Lugar Brae Players stage manager - the first of 34 occasions he held this position.

 In 1988 he took over as President a position he still holds.  Since 1982 he has also been in charge of designing the company's program and co-ordination of scenery construction.

In their citation the company stated : " The Waverley Lugar Brae players has always had a number of stout hearted men and women over the 54 years of the Players history. Those people who stick with you through thick and thin. Martin is surely one of them and a real gem. His leadership and involvement is an inspiration to all who have worked with him during this time."

In the early 1980's Martin also commenced stage managing positions for the Rockdale Musical Society and Regals Musical Society.

Martin become CEO of The Association of Community Theatre in 1997 a position he still holds. He has been convenor of nine conferences - along with his wife Michelle. Martin has co-ordinated the insurance scheme which ACT runs and its annual What's On Brochure.

ACT's healthy financial position is a direct result of his dedicated volunteer work for the organisation for over 15 years.

He also has been custodian of the Hall of Fame Award trophy distribution. As such members of the ACT committee had to secretly arrange for an additional trophy to be engraved without his knowledge.

The committee felt that Martin was the quintessential example of someone who deserves this award, for working behind the scenes for community for over 40 years.


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