Marleen Nandi: Woodstock Players

nandi2Marleen Nandi has been the artistic Director of the Woodstock Players since she founded it in 1984. Thanks to her efforts the theatre is the oldest and most active group in her area. The Players mostly perform in the Ballroom of the historic Woodstock mansion in Burwood. This is  intimate theatre to the max.

Working in the ballroom presents many challenges not the least is the close proximity to the audience.

Marleen once told a cast member to blow her nose - because the audience is so close they can see right up your nostril. She also once told a young actor not to wear her favourite perfume because she would not have had access to the eau de cologne in those days and she would smell wrong to the audience. This is another indication of how passionate Marleen is about both her craft and her audiences. Marleen  has nearly 80 productions to her credit - as artistic director and sometimes as performer she shows absolute passion and meticulous attention to detail . She also brings a total new meaning to the phrase  " Quality theatre on a show string budget."

In her years she has established and nurtured a pool of experienced actors and directors - a number of whom have gone on to professional theatrical careers. In particular Marleen  is well known for her dedicated grooming of young performers - crafting them into skilled and confident actors in their own right. As well she has attracted a dedicated back stage team whose energy and creativity have transformed the skinny ballroom into a luxury cruise liner, a restoration dining room, an English country House, a rocky Irish coastline, a busy newspaper office to name just a few.

Woodstock players have given great enjoyment to both its performing members and audience for 22 years. None of this would have been possible without the commitment of Marleen. It is fair to say Marleen is the Woodstock Players.

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