Daryl Kirkness

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Daryl Kirkness has been with the Gosford Musical Society since he was a child. His father was a life member. Daryl has also been a Life Member for more than 20 years.
He was in many productions while a junior and has continued his stage activities all through his life. Daryl has undertaken roles as director, set designer, lighting consultant, catering assistant, costume assistant, costume design and costume design assistant, ensemble cast member, minor lead and principal.  Daryl has also served on the Committee as floor member and Vice President.
Daryl is currently the shed and construction co-ordinator. GMS is in the fortunate position of having its own set building facility. Daryl has been  resident Set Designer over the years but that position no longer exists. Every Tuesday and on most Thursdays, GMS operates what used to be known as the mens’ shed. It is now a “person” shed due to the inclusion of all genders. In the shed  the company constructs, builds and paints sets. Daryl is the manager of this process.
During the pandemic in 2020 Daryl was very active in keeping all the shed personnel in contact. He arranged gatherings within the appropriate Public Health Orders. This was vital for those members who live alone and felt isolated.
Daryl also conducted an online course in set design. Participants found it a great way to remain connected while learning a new skill.
During this lockdown Daryl has also ensured that members remained in contact.
Daryl Kirkness has also undertaken several roles within the theatrical community on the Central Coast and continues to be a reference point for all other groups on the Coast. He is an invaluable member of the community theatre population.

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